Adam Broomberg




24 Nov 2023

Where Were Your Grandparents During the War? (with Adam Broomberg)

The Alexei Sayle Podcast


Adam Broomberg returns! The South African, Jewish artist updates us on his journey as a Palestine activist living in Germany, we discuss the censorship of anti-zionism in Germany and we also check in with ourselves and explore how this is impacting us all emotionally.

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25 Oct 2023

AAH Statement


Artists + Allies x Hebron shares the grief we all feel about the continued loss of civilian lives. 

We call for an immediate ceasefire, humanitarian aid accompanied by electricity and water, with fuel.

While we condemn the atrocities that began on October 7th we are equally aware of the state of things on the day before and the decades proceding it. The root causes are Israel’s apartheid and the systematic oppression and persecution of Palestinians.


Our founding member, the renowned human rights defender, Issa Amro has been beaten and detained multiple times and has recently been evicted from his home and our centre in Hebron. 

Artists + Allies x Hebron condemn these illegal acts and stand by Issa in support and solidarity.

24 Oct 2023

Olive trees in Palestine become art

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24 Oct 2023

Adam Broomberg: Two positions at once

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