Adam Broomberg


Kunsthallo: Matthew Krouse

Image credit: Matthew Krouse, still
Image credit: Matthew Krouse, still

13.04.21 – 07.05.21

“I was sixteen when I met Matthew. He put his tongue in my ear.”

Adam Broomberg was invited to exhibit his work by Kunsthallo, on which occasion he embarked on the journey of recovering the works of the radical artist Matthew Krouse, the most censored individual in apartheid South Africa.

Adam encountered Matthew, a South African writer, artist, performer and LGBTQI activist, at a downtown Johannesburg gay club known as The Dungeon. They crossed paths again two years later, when Adam interviewed a well-known filmmaker using a borrowed VHS camera. This encounter resulted in a 60-minute tape of fast asleep Matthew Krouse. 

The exhibition showcased an archive of material ordered and exhumed by Adam from the various artists, including politically scandalous De Voortrekkers (1985) The Solider (1989) and Shotdown (1986).