Adam Broomberg



Image credit: background  Steve McCurry, 1984
Image credit: background Steve McCurry, 1984

FairFoto is an initiative informed by blockchain technology and involvement with NFT, which brought up an issue of ethics of copyright and established a one-way flow in the relationship between the photographer and the subject,  thus focusing on the photography world at large. It aims to reorient AI algorithms and facial recognition software increasingly employed by state militaries for security and control. The technology is being co-opted and combined with the latest blockchain usages to ensure the subject of a photograph has as much ownership of that photograph as the person who shot the image. That means every time an image is made and then generates any financial profit, a share will go to the subject, harnessing the power of these technologies to bring fairness to photography. A part of the team working with Adam on this project was Robert Norton from Verisart.