Adam Broomberg



A project called Paura/Fear was conceived by Adam Broomberg, Fabrizio Andreella and Carlo Spoldi in 1994 and continued until 1996. An advert was placed in magazines, newspapers, radio and TV channels worldwide asking people to send in their fear. Some of the 5,000 replies included a blood sample from an HIV-infected Italian teenager, a piece of BSE-infected meat from the UK, and a recording of original music from an African psychiatric ward patient. The project resulted in a world collection of people’s fears, some of which were selected, mounted and displayed at the First Florence Biennale in Prato, at the Luigi Pecci Museum of Contemporary Art in the autumn of 1996 and appeared as 3×2 meter billboards along Venice Canal in the summer of the same ye (until police pulled down the posters after 2 days).

The project was developed by Fabrica